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HR Consulting, Business Transformation and HR M&A

mlh global hr consulting offers expertise and consulting support in the following areas:

The unifying theme is growth and development; of organisations and of the people within them. Implicit in both of these is change and the leadership of change.

Change is an unavoidable element of all of our lives, and the ability to seize the opportunities it provides underpins the success of all organisations. It is not enough for employees to simply survive change; people need to flourish in an ever changing environment if they are to realise their potential and thus contribute to organisation success: this requires courageous leadership. This leadership must be underpinned by good strategies, techniques and approaches: mlh global hr consulting offers change consulting which supports leaders, management and employees in embracing change and with providing the leadership to bring about, and more importantly sustain, essential change. We offer a systematic approach which releases creativity and individual potential thus allowing individuals and the organisations they comprise to strive for and achieve ever more ambitious goals.

As a consulting firm we are business focused, have a strong human resources foundation and combine creativity and strong thinking - conceptual, analytical and strategic - with excellent facilitation, process leadership, hard work and delivery. We believe that our success stems from our ability to help organisations reach better people solutions by working in partnership with executives and in-house HR. Whilst we have a number of models and best practices we believe in working with you to find the right approach for your organisation and challenges you are working with.

If growth, development and change - both of individuals and organisations - is the key theme of our consulting offering, the second theme is the Human Resources function itself.

mlh global hr consulting is founded on a clear belief that great firms need great people and great leadership. Both must be supported by proactive, supportive and challenging human resources leadership plus aligned human resources policies and infrastructure. Indeed we believe that it is these things that make the difference between an organisation being simply successful and truly excellent.

Thus our consultancy service is two fold: to provide great human resources consultancy and to work with human resources functions to position them to best support the ongoing growth and development needs of their organisation, its leaders and all the people.

In terms of our consulting approach, we believe that we can add value to an organisation and seek to do so. We also believe that our role is to 'help out and then get out', leaving behind something that can be sustained by the organisation in our absence. We take pride in the growth and development of our clients and focus energy on knowledge transfer rather than locking ourselves in for the long term. We are small enough to be able to only take on projects that play to our strengths and deliver on the standard consultant promise to 'move on' once we have made our contribution.

mlh global hr consulting is a human resources consulting company formed by Lisette Howlett. Lisette has a track record of achievement spanning 15 years experience of global Human Resources in blue chip companies and 5 years in local government and the public sector. This includes extensive global HR project leadership and internal HR consulting covering UK, US, Switzerland, Europe and Asia. As Director of mlh global hr consulting Lisette possesses a unique range and depth in HR - spanning compensation to organisation development and learning; new business launch and business transformation to divestment and closure. She has worked in partnership with numerous board level executives providing them with support, challenge, facilitation, ideas and practical help in their strategy development, organisation design and consequent change programmes. Her experience is complemented by strong intellect, creativity and commitment to deliver, and underpinned by academic qualifications, Chartered Fellowship of the Institute of Personnel and Development, level B (intermediate) of the British Psychological Society and membership of the US Society of Human Resource Management.

mlh global hr consulting is able to draw on associates in Europe, the US and Asia. All combine excellent achievement and qualifications.

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