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At different times in our lives, and our weeks we all experience different levels of motivation to get done the things that need to be done. This could be a perennial problem - you never can get motivated to do a certain task, or a temporary one - you just do not feel motivated to do anything very much at the moment - or something in between.

I do not intend to address underlying reasons and potential longer terms solutions - self esteem, personal satisfaction, etc which can be looked at through counselling, NLP and techniques like that. All of this is good stuff and had a role to play but this article concerns itself with some tools and techniques.

Assuming you have the capability, getting stuff done is all about scheduling; and scheduling about bartering (over priorities) . Initally I wrote resources and scheduling but then realised that resources are really all about scheduling so this leave us with, scheduling. Thus motivating oneself to do a task is about about scheduling this in.

The most effective way, therefore is to write a list. If you are already a list writer, write a new one and if you do not write lists, start one. Make sure that your list allows you to record and look at tasks done. So if you are into electronic lists mark it as done rather than delete the task when you have done it. Success levers more success so it is best if you can see what you have achieved so far. If you are generally finding it hard to get started on anything, keep the list short, you can always add to it later.

Having written the list you should now set up the barter. When and only when I have done xx I can do something I want to do - take a break, do some work I enjoy, etc.

The solution sounds very simple but it is actually very sound. It takes the burden of juggling priorities from your conscious and pre-conscious to a tangible place which actually reduces distress. It gives you structure and it included incentives to follow that structure. It removes your opportunty to procrastinate.

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