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Business Transformation and Business Change

mlh global hr consulting can support companies with the people and organisation aspects of growth; this can be growth in terms of size, profitability, target markets, global reach, or changing business activities.

We are able to combine a creative, solution based approach to the key strategic and tactical challenges with the necessary rigour and attention to detail delivery requires.

Business transformation activities impact all the people in the organisation; directly or indirectly; positively or negatively. Our support enables organisations to achieve change which is well understood, sustained and fast. Our focus is on the organisation and people aspects and includes: strategy development, organisation design, programme design, programme management, communication, leadership buy in, consultation and buy-in, change leadership and organisation development.

mlh global hr consulting can provide facilitation support and HR leadership to both evolutionary and transformational organisation design, implementation and ongoing development through a number of key interventions.

Business or functional strategy development involves working with the Executive and their leadership team to systematically evaluate opportunities and formulate the strategy through a series of interviews and workshops. This work would normally include both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’; indeed it is the combination of these two elements that takes a strategy beyond words and into action. Communicating and getting the whole organisation on board is a key step that mlh global hr consulting can help with. Frequently an exercise such as this will also include team building and/or development for the leadership team itself – yet another way of ensuring success. We see our role as providing expert facilitation to the strategy development process rather than substantive contribution to the strategy itself – we believe that this expertise lies in the organisation itself.

Organisation Design and Development is the obvious next step to the establishment of a new or evolved business strategy. Our service includes working with key executives to understand the requirements of the new organisation and to explore the benefits and implications of different solutions. Where appropriate we can also support the communication and implementation of the new organisation. In addition we can support the design, development and implementation of supporting governance processes.

Restructuring is an important, albeit uncomfortable element of modern business. It is also a process that can cause much concern amongst management and staff alike. In our experience the quality of the process itself – the communication, the speed, the leadership shown – can have a significant impact both during the change period and for a considerable time after. Our consulting support is geared to making this a high quality, well communicated and speedy experience for all concerned.

Outsourcing or Offshoring is another key element of organisation change. We are able to support organisations with the people and organisation aspects of this activity including supporting such activities as programme design and support, change workshops, milestone monitoring and designing the retained organisation.

Divestments and Closures can result from increased cost focus or a change in strategic direction. Managing these activities effectively is key to sustaining employee confidence in the organisation beyond the activity We can support an organisation with both planning and delivery.

Our approach to Restructuring, Outsourcing, Divestments and Closures includes working with executives and where appropriate, their leadership teams, on programme needs identification, programme design, communication, implementation. Implementation requires working with global and local management and HR teams to ensure a co-ordinated and high quality change process. mlh global hr consulting have developed excellent processes and have well-tested guidelines, checklists, communication packs and workshop outlines as well as a range of programme management and co-ordination approaches. We are also able to support organisations with the development of their severance/social plans.

Start ups are perhaps one of the most fun things an organisation can do. It is a great opportunity to set things up from scratch and to learn from past experience and ‘get it all right’. Undertaking a successful start up does however require strong planning and taking a long term view as well as the necessary short term one. Managing the relationship with the parent organisation is also key and the strategy for the nature of this relationship needs to be established at the outset and then carefully maintained. Different options suit different circumstances, thus it is essential that a clear vision and goals for the start up are established and well supported from the outset. mlh global hr consulting can support organisations in thinking this through, in addition to the more practical support concerning the HR aspects of the start up (recruitment, employment terms and conditions, aligned reward management, performance management etc).

You might also like to look at an example of our HR leadership of a start up in India.

Joint Ventures may not require significant new HR infrastructure but can benefit from a review of current leadership and HR practice to ensure that recognition and reward is appropriately focused. Leadership and working styles frequently vary in a Joint Venture and this is an area that can benefit from some focus, particularly at the point of setting up a Joint Venture. Ensuring that any such intervention feels balanced is also a key consideration; the appointment of an external consultant can help this as well.

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